Welcome to Mink Toy Poodles!
Exquisite AKC toys in black,blue,white,&cream
Our toys are bred for type,soundness of
structure and temperament, and our
signature "Mink" coat! Our "kids" range in
adult weights from  between 3.75lbs and
9 lbs.with 5.5 being the average. Height
at the shoulder(withers)ranges from a
petite 8.25" to a more generous 11.5" We
prefer keeping pups home till they are at
least 12 weeks old. Weaning and
socialization need not be rushed. A happy
puppy is a secure one. Our dogs live in
our home and have a fully secured
fenced- in backyard for spirited playtime.
We have both show and companion
poodles and will help you select the
poodle that is right for your lifestyle. If you
are happy;we know our babies will be
happy.  Call us at 607-732-9869 or
email:patmmink@yahoo.com We are
located in Elmira,NY. Thankyou.