Our Girls
This is Mink's Miss Melanie. She is
the beautiful daughter of Peachy
and Blitzy.She stands at just under
11", has our signature "Mink" coat,
sturdy structure, and tender heart.
She is the mother of our 1st
finished champion Mel consistently
produces lovely sound puppies.
with our mink coats and calm
demeanor. The feedback has been
overwhelmingly positive.        
Introducing our newest girl: Ch
Charade Draco Sophisticated Lady
aka Sophie. This elegant black girl
finished in three weekends with a
4 point major..Sophie was one of
the top 25 dogs of October '07-'08
which qualified her for the
AKC/Eukanuba National
Championship. Motherhood would
keep her from finishing the
competition. She is OptigenA
Normal/Clear by way of parentage.  
Thankyou Brenda King for allowing
us to add Sophie to our Mink Toy
Poodle family! *Update* Stormy, a
black male resulting from a recent
breeding of Sophie with our own
Blitzy has completed his
championship as of July 28, 2012
View his stats on  the Rising Star
page. A repeat breeding produced  
Cricket, our newest rising star...
This is Mink's My First Doll
Bubbles. She stands 8.75" and
weighs 5 lbs.Her coat is icy  
white. Her points are black She
is very typy and consistenly
produces lovely pups in the
4.75lb- 5.75lb range as adults.
Bubbles in on vacation till later
in 2015 Check Nursery page for
Mink's is proud to
present our newest mom.
:Mink's Sophie's Choice
aka 'Silhouette "Silly".
She is the beautiful
daughter of finished
champion parents.(see
"Sophie" above &"Blitzy"
on the boys page). Silly
weighs 8.75lbs and
stands at 10.75":, is inky
black, very typy, and
extremely smart(even by
poodle standards).   
This is Noey. The
beautiful daughter of our
first finished champion
"Dusty" and our lovely,
now-retired :"Gala"..
Gala boasts lineage
including Customs and
Hellsablazen. Noey
stands at 9.25", has our
signature "mink"coat,
,dark points  darling
face, and lovely, gentle
Mink's is pleased to add Susie
to our breeding program. She
is the sister of Silly (see above
pic and pedigree).Susie weighs
9.4lbs,stands 10.8", has our
fabulous "mink" coat, sound
structure and gentle
disposition. She is expecting
her first litter on or about
March 10,2016.
This is our Gracie. She is the
stunning daughter of our Dusty
and Bubbles. Gracie is typy with
a beautiful face, dark points,
fabulous "mink" coat and a
loving personality