Our Boys:
Meet: Ch Birdsong BroadBay Biarritz aka
"Blitzy" . Blitzy is  inky black, insize,an
elegant mover with proper proportions,
lovely disposition & OptigenA,
normal/clear by way of parentage.Blitzy
sires lovely get in
black.blue,white&cream.He has sired
finished champions Stud fee upon
Meet: Ch Arja Camara D'Man at Dubl'nn aka
"Damon". Damon is icy white, insize, with a
beautiful face, gentle
demeanor,&OptigenA,normal/clear by way of
parentage. He is the proud father of our 1st
homebred champion:Dusty. Stud fee on
Ch Mink's Damon's Delight
aka "Dusty". Dusty
finished his championship
in less than a month with a
5 point major. He
stands9.5", is a superb
mover with a darling face.
He is Optigen A
normal/clear  pedigree He
is a proven size-reducer.
Meet Mink's Going for the Bling.
Bling-Bling is a firecracker in a teeny
package. He stands 8.75" and weighs
4lbs. His color is blue, his face is
sweet, and he has our signature
"mink' coat. His father is our Blitzy, His
mother is a silver girl named Phoebe.  
His Optigen Accession # is 11-5620
and he is normal/clear(formerly called
A) He is pointed and available for stud
to approved girls   .
Ch Mink's Eye Of The
Storm At Darlen's is a
beautifully proportioned 6
lb. boy standing at 10" He
has our signature mink
coat in rich black and a
darling personality to
complete the package. He
is Optigen clear/normal
by way of both finished
champion parents. now
home and available for
Meet Ch Mink's Design
by Dallas at Caprice.
Pippin comes to Mink's
from Caprice Poodles. He
took 4 majors in a single
weekend. Pippin's
Optigen status is  
Normal/clear by both
parents.He is both
beautiful and very
charismatic     Check
Nursery page for his
Mink's is very pleased to
add Dewey to our breeding
program.He is the son of
Pippin(see above) and our
own Melanie (see girls
page). Dewey weighs
8.75lbs and stands at
11".He is icy white and
boasts NO tear stains!! We
hope to incorporate this
trait into our line.